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Uncle Grandpa: Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.


Uncle Grandpa: Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.

Uncle Grandpa

Cartoon Network

On the heels of the success of such shows as Nickelodeon's SpongeBob and Cartoon Network's Adventure Time, the powers that be at Cartoon Network must have thought that they had another demented gem on their hands with their new series, Uncle Grandpa.

How wrong they were.

The premise of the show--if it can be said there is a premise--is that a goofy guy, who claims to be both uncle and grandpa to every kid in the world, drives around in his RV with his friends Belly Bag (a talking fanny pack that supplies Uncle Grandpa with various objects for their adventures and provides a sort of conscience a la Jimmeny Cricket), Pizza Steve (a slice of talking pizza who wears sunglasses all the time), Mister Gus (a large dinosaur-esque creature in an A-shirt who has a deep baritone voice and is Uncle Grandpa's self appointed bodyguard), and their pet "Giant Realistic Flying Tiger", which is exactly what it sounds like. A crudely paper-animated photograph of a tiger... who flies around and has rainbows coming out of her butt. Yes, it's a girl, because her room is pink and covered with 1Direction posters.

If you're even still reading after I described the show above, I applaud you.

I haven't the slightest idea why any parent would ever let their child watch this drivel. I'm not even sure what demographic they're aiming for, but they clearly missed the mark. My theory is that they were trying to go after the Adventure Time audience, which only makes some sense in the fact that the show they might be competing with is on the same network. Perhaps they were also hoping to draw in the SpongeBob crowd, especially since the voice of Uncle Grandpa himself sounds suspiciously like that of Patrick the starfish (although it is in fact the creator Peter Browngardt himself, according to IMDB). However, the humor (if one can even call it that) is far more trippy than most SpongeBob fans would probably care for.

That leads me to another point, the humor. I found it similar to that of Napoleon Dynamite: either you think it's hilarious because it's so strange, or you think it's the dumbest thing you've ever seen. While I fell into the former category for Napoleon Dynamite, I am squarely in the latter camp for Uncle Grandpa. The episodes that have aired so far involve oddities such as Uncle Grandpa losing Giant Realistic Flying Tiger because he left the door open on his RV, so he ventures out to find her, only to end up battling black belt trained zombie pets from a pet cemetery. There is also the episode where Uncle Grandpa makes a magical t-shirt for a kid who has too large of a belly to fit into the one his mother laid out for him, only to have him fall into a world of wolves wanting to make them into soup, so they must use their belly powers to battle the wolves.

Yes, folks, it's that weird.

The only good thing about this show that I can even fathom is that the episodes themselves are only fifteen minutes long each. You don't have to suffer through them for very long. Parents, I definitely do not recommend this show for children under the age of fifteen. Even if you have teens, I suggest you point them in the direction of Adventure Time or Regular Show instead, depending on their thirst for strange animation. There is no educational value to the program, and very little if any entertainment value. People over at the Animated TV site seem to agree.

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