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Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Super Adventure! on DVD

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Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Super Adventure!


Network: Disney/Disney Junior
Age Recommendation: 3+
Running Time: 117 minutes
Rating: TV-Y

Gear up for the ultimate super adventure with Mickey Mouse and the Clubhouse gang as they learn that the real super power in life is teamwork and friendship! Parents who enjoyed comics as a kid (or those who still enjoy them!) will love seeing some of their child's favorite characters made into superheroes similar to those from the comics they enjoyed. It could also be a great way to introduce children to the world of comic book heroes.


While playing as superheroes, a mysterious rat-shaped Zeppelin appears and begins shrinking buildings in Clubhouse land. The zeppelin is being driven by Pete, who announces he is Power Pants Pete and that he's collecting all of the buildings in Clubhouse land. Mickey and friends wish they had real super powers to save the day, and Professor Von Drake pops by with his new machine that makes them into real superheroes.

Mickey becomes Super Mickey, who is super strong and can fly, much akin to Superman. Goofy becomes Super Goof, who has stretchy arms and legs like Mr. Fantastic. Donald becomes Dynamo Duck, who is super speedy like The Flash. Daisy becomes Upsie-Daisy, who has telekinesis like Jean Grey from the X-Men. Minnie becomes Wonder Minnie, and is equipped with Wonder Bows, similar to Wonder Woman and her tools. Pluto becomes Super Power Pup, who can fly and do super "doggie things" like digging really fast... I think they were going for Dynomutt equivalency there. However, their powers are temporary, and they are given a gauge to watch for when they will wear off.

However, the team's new powers are all exciting and each one wants to be the superhero who wants to save the day. Mickey tries to convince them to work together, but they have a tough time with the idea. For instance, at first Pete tries to fend them off by dropping rubber duckies on their heads, a feat that is thwarted by Super Tootles (who now has a voice, remember!) supplying the team with a beach umbrella to protect themselves. Minnie and Daisy each try to use their powers to stop the zeppelin, but their powers work against each other and fail, so Pete gets away. Next, Donald and Goofy each try to stop him, and only manage to get Pete out of his Power Pants, where he confesses he is working for a character named Megamort.

At Pete's failure to complete his diabolical task, Megamort is frustrated and fires Pete by shrinking him too. Pete apologizes to the gang and asks if he can help make it right. Mickey lets him join the Clubhouse Heroes. But Pete accidentally gets thrown in his tiny ball, so the team splits up: Mickey and Pluto will go stop Megamort while the rest of the gang rushes off to rescue Pete.

Megamort thwarts Mickey and Pluto by putting them into a super bubble that is extra strong. Mickey gets a blowdryer from Tootles and blows the bubble bigger until it pops. However, as they are confronting Megamort, their powers run out and Mickey and Pluto fall to the ground. Mickey gets caught in the shrink ray as Megamort is shrinking the Clubhouse, and is captured. Pluto rushes off to tell the rest of the heroes about Mickey's capture. The rest of the heroes lose their powers as they are attempting to rescue Pete, so they get a baseball glove from Tootles to make sure he is caught safely. Their teamwork returns their powers to them, along with cool matching super suits. They realize that the true super power is their teamwork and friendship, and they rush off as a team to save Mickey, with the help of a Super Jet from Tootles.

Donald and Goofy board the zeppelin to rescue Mickey and collect all the miniature Clubhouse land buildings. However, they pop the zepplin as they are leaving, and Megamort is in need of rescue, even though he's the "bad guy". The team works together to stop the zeppelin from flying all over by using Minnie's Wonder Bows wrapped around it by Mickey and Pluto, Daisy lowers Goofy and Donald to the ground to pull the bow strings. Then the whole gang yanks the zeppelin down to safety.

Megamort is astonished that they saved him, even after the bad things he did to them. He admits that the reason he wanted all the buildings in Clubhouse land was because he saw how happy everyone was in them, and wanted to be happy himself. Mickey reminds him that true happiness comes not from the buildings themselves, but the friendships inside. Megamort, whose real name is Mortimer the Mouse, has no friends. Mickey offers all of their friendship to Mortimer, as he announces he is their new neighbor. He invites Moritmer into the clubhouse and to do the Hot Dog Dance with his new friends.

Educational Aspects:

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is known for being a slightly educational program, and this full-length episode is no different. Kids "help" Pete pick which shape is like a stop sign to anchor the zeppelin. They get to help think about how to solve a problem with tools given from Tootles. Also, they learn about what it means to be a good friend and about how to consider the feelings of others around them. Parents can also make the super power gauges into a lesson about fractions, as they are divided into thirds.


There are no bonus features on the disc. However, there are three additional episodes (Aye, Aye, Captain Mickey!, Mickey's Mouskersize!, and Mickey's Little Parade). Also, the disc comes with a pack of large Super Action Trading Cards, including a cool lenticular card, featuring the Clubhouse Superheroes.  

Other Reading:

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